Walt Disney World May 2015 – english version

Deutsche Version

Our 6. vacation at Florida and Walt Disney World was a very special journey, as we did not flight back to Germany but sailed within 15 nights on the Disney Magic from Port Canaveral to Copenhagen.


7. May              Flight DUS-FRA-MCO
7. -15. May      All Star Music Resort, Walt Disney World, Room 8654
15. – 30. May  Eastbound Transatlantic, Disney Dream Cat 7A Stateroom 6640

2015-05-06 20.26.47

6. May 2015
We had planned that my daughter would drive us to the airport on the 7. May. Unfortunately the engine driver were on strike the whole week and the highway between Dortmund and the airport was one traffic jam at the time we had to drive. I decides to call some hotels near the airport were we could leave the car for the time we will be away. I booked the Holiday Inn at Ratingen were we already stayed before our last vacation. When Siggi comes home from work we finished packing (I already had 3 suitcase packed) and at 6pm we leave for the airport. After a pleasant 50 minutes drive we arrived there and did the late night checkin and payed 75€ for the 3rd suitcase. After that we went to the hotel . We parked our car and got romm 167 just were our car was. As we felt hungry we went to the restaurant. The food was great as the wine and beer was and we felt asleep as soon as we were back in our room.

2015-05-06 21.31.43

7. May 2015

We woke up at 6am and got ready. As I left my comb in the checked baggage I got a new one at the reception. I had ordered the complementary shuttle to the airport already yesterday we checked out at 8am and left the key from our car there.

We arrived at the airport within 10 minutes and after passing the security control we went to the  Hugo Junkers Lounge, to get coffee and something to eat.

20150507-2015-05-07 07.37.03 20150507-2015-05-07 07.49.54

2015-05-07 09.04.48The flight to Frankfurt was in time and we had a lot of space as we got a seat at the security exit. The flight time was less than 30 minutes and we had a nice talk with the cabin crew.

20150507-2015-05-07 10.11.21 2015-05-10 06.10.08At Frankfurt we had to pass  another security contral and then we coult go to Gate Z. There we got something to eat at McDonalds (we had to be prepared for the USA).

When we reached the gate we swa that the aircraft had the name „Dortmund“, our hometown. We got seat 37J and K.

We had a pleasant flight, only the start was al little bumpy.

20150507-2015-05-07 11.43.59 20150507-2015-05-07 12.54.55The flight was only 9:05 hours and we saw almost 5 movies.

I saw
– Frau Müller muß weg
– Honig im Kopf
– 96 Hours – Taken 3
– Into the Woods und
– Ralph reichts

Service was good, food…..okay

We arrived at 5:21pm at MCO. Immigration was quick as we could us the machines.

Bœuf Stroganoff a la Lufthansa


2015-05-07 15.43.24 2015-05-10 06.07.45 20150507-2015-05-07 13.30.35At 6pm we passed the customs an left our luggage to be brought to the main terminal. we could have taken them with us on the monorail, but with 3suitcases and 2 carry ons it would have been complicated.

We went on the monorail and then to Level 2 to pick up our luggage. It took some time but after a waiting of approx. 15 minutes we were ready.

Down to lever 1 to pick up our rental car. I was able to get a Bypass Ticket, what meant that we directly could go to the garage to choose a car.

We got a Toyota 4Runner, what a hugh car ( for Germans)

unser "kleiner" Mietwagen

We fixed our GPS and we were on the way to the All Star Movie Resort.

We arrived there at 7:20pm and checked in. It took some time cause there was only one Magic Band that worked correct, but finally they fixed it and we could go to our room.

We were at building 8 Broadway, second floor room 8654. Anything as we mentioned at the online check in. Put the luggage in the room and went to the foodcourt to get the mugs. At the shop we bought some donuts and diet coke in case we will get hungry at night.

At 10pm (almost 4am at Germany) we fell asleep.

20150508-2015-05-08 07.49.34 20150508-20150508_1351048. May 2015
We slept till 7am and went to the Walmart at 8am. We bought breakfast items and softdrinks. Then we drove to the IHOP for breakfast.

Das Oreo-Paradis


160609 160613It was yummy and afterwards we drove back to the hotel to get our things in the fridge. Then we went to the Hollywood Studios. As we wanted a relaxed stay we did not hurry to use our first fastpass at the Tower of Terror, but looked through the shops and got new Magic Bands. Siggi took one with Luke Skywalker and I got the Sorcerer.

20150508-IMG_7680 20150508-IMG_7683 20150508-IMG_7684 20150508-2015-05-08 12.59.10 20150508-2015-05-08 12.59.43 At 1:30pm we had our fastpass at Toy Story Mania and then we did the Tower of Terror with a waiting time less then 20 minutes.

20150508-2015-05-08 13.43.06 20150508-IMG_7707 20150508-20150508_204153_Richtone(HDR)It is hot, almost 95°F and we get us a frozen Lemonade before we went to Star Tours. After that we did Muppets 3D and had a look at the Animation Gallery.


die Streets of America mal ohne Osborne Lights


Jedi Training Academy

At 5:40pm we had an ADR at the Sci-Fi-Dine Inn. Food was great, service okay. But, as it is really dark at this place you dont see you meal very well.

After that we went back to the hotel where we get at 7pm.

234139_LLS 000001_LLS 234426_LLS 234400_LLS000735 000751 003120After a short break we wanted to go to the reception, cause our new Magic Band worked fine at the park (fastpass, paying) but did not opened the room. Glad that one of the old ones was working.

Okay, what happened? Yes, we fall asleep and wake up behind midnight.

9. May 2015

I slept till 4am and get up then. This is not a problem today, as we have an appointment with the Beast in his Castle at 8am for breakfast. Only thing is that the WLAN is not working properly.

At 6am I went to the reception to get our Magic Bands fixed.
The CM gave his best but he always got the message: An unexpected error has accured
Great!! He asked me to come back at 7am when a supervisor will be there. Okay get our coffee and went back to the room to get ready for the day.
20150508-20150508_012644 20150508-20150508_012816At 7am we drove back to the reception. It was not that easy and took some time, so we got a taxi to get to Be Our Guest in Time. The taxi got us to the Grand Floridian and there we took the monorail.The way with the taxi would have been more than 18$! (but Disney paid)20150509-DSC_242720150509-IMG_7715 20150509-IMG_7716We arrived at the Magic Kingdom at 7:45am and could got into immediatly. We had to wait some minutes at the restaurant but than we could go insite. The place was empty and we could choose a table were we like. Food was good, but the TiW discount is only for dinner.

2433 141236 141256 141307 144757We went through the park and went to Monsters Inc. Laught Floor for the first time. Okay, it is okay when you do it once. After that we went to Big Thunder Mountain and took our fastpass. Right behind us sits a mother with her little girl, that was screams in fear. It was so loud that I had a whistling in the ear for a while.

It’s really great when other are spoiling your day

After that we need a rest and….a Dolewhip. It is very warm again and we realize that it’s very tiring.

20150509-IMG_7724 20150509-IMG_7725 20150509-IMG_7736 20150509-IMG_7750172955 173136A 12pm we meet up with the guys and went on. Afterwards I’m soaked, but that is no problem.

2015-05-13 13.11.05

Trocken in der Sonne nach Splash Mountain

We had lunch at Tonys Townsquare Restaurant. We heard a lot of different things about this reastaurant. I must say we really enjoyed it as the food was as great as the service was.

191736 191728 2444 192958 192952 195817 195842
We wanted to meet Tinkerbell, but there was a long waiting line and so we went to the  Fast Pass Area for the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

It was great and worth the waiting time. After that we went to the bus station to go back to the hotel.2015-05-09 14.24.36

20150509-IMG_7754 20150509-IMG_7761 20150509-IMG_7763 20150509-IMG_7765

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Festival of Fantasy Parade

We stopped at the front desk to get the info that our Magic Bands will be okay now.

We had planned to use the EMH that evening till 2am at the Magic Kingdom, but could not decide to go.

10. May 2015
Had a bad night (woke up a lot), got up at 7am and grapped a coffee at 8am. I must say the coffee at the foodcourt is really good. We ate our bagles and creamcheese in the room.

Today we will go to EPCOT, but first we had to go to the Walmart again to buy some things from the drugstore.

All Star Music

We arrive at the park at 12pm and did not do Mission Space Fast Pass as we are not sure that it will be a good idea to go to the Mars in the heat. We do Test Track. The ride is great but the preshow with building the car etc. is great when you do it for the first time, but boaring when you do it more often. It takes almost 20 minutes till you can get in the cars.

20150510-20150510_184242 20150510-20150510_184753 20150510-20150510_1852532015-05-13 13.11.19We walked around the world got frozen Margaritas at Mexico and meet a german CM from our neighbor towan at Germany.

2015-05-10 13.29.22 2015-05-10 13.52.41 2015-05-10 13.52.49We are little bit hungry and went to the Tangerine Cafe for the first time. It’s a nice, quite place and the food is great. After we walked around the world showcase we had a look at Mouse Gear and went back to the hotel.

205916 205931 20150510-IMG_7968 20150510-IMG_7975 20150510-20150510_204457 20150510-20150510_201033 20150510-IMG_7991Some pics from the Flower and Garden Festival.

I was 99F now. Back in our room the package from Dreams Unlimeted has arrived

After a little rest we went to the Yachtclub as we had an ADR at the Yachtmans Steakhouse. The Steaks there are awesome.

2462 011659 2456 014711 022201 2461We planned to take a walk around the sea. When we came to the Marina we met the guys and saw Illumination from  there.

We walked along the Boardwalk and went then back to the hotel to fell asleep immediatly.

20150511-20150511_025746_LLS 20150511-20150511_030021_LLS 20150511-20150511_031208 20150511-20150511_034837_LLS11. May 2015
I wake up at 5am and could not sleep. Got us coffee at 8am and had breakfast in the room as usual.

At 9am we are ready to go to the Animal Kingdom. It is very warm again and our thoughts were: .Kali River Rapids now!! Standby time was only 20 minuten, so we did it. Okay, after that , I was soaked!! Used the next restrooms to wring out all of my cloth.

Then we went to Dinoland, got us a frozen Lemonade and sit down to get dried in the sun.

20150511-IMG_8012 20150511-IMG_8013 20150511-IMG_8035 20150511-IMG_8038 20150511-20150511_162222 20150511-20150511_170558Now it was time for our fastpass at DINOSAUR. There was some time till our fastpass at Expedition Everest and so we walked around an had a lot of drinks.

After that ride we wanted to eat a little bit at the Yak and Yeti Counter. We got the food quick, but did not find a place to sit down. All the tables were blocked or there were tables but no chairs. we put our tray at a trascan at least.

That is why I’m not a fan of counter service meals.

We skipped our Safari fastpass and went back to the hotel.

2015-05-13 13.14.03 2015-05-13 13.14.19

Essen auf der Mülltonne

From there we went to the Premium Outlet, Vineland Road and got some nice thing at the Charakter Warehouse.

Back at the hotel we dressed up for dinner at JIKO. This is a signature restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

It’s a great place to have dinner. The food is awesome as the service was.

After that we went to the lobby and had a seat to get the athmosphere. We went to the shop and then back to our hotel. Although I wanted to see Dancin with the Stars on TV I fell asleep very quick.

021241_LLS 021130_LLS 2469 021834 2472 023043 025252

12. May 2015
As time goes by….but old people like us need a lot of rests even when it is that hot.

Wake up early and on my way to the foodcourt to got some coffee for us I met a girl from the german disneyboard.

We have fastpasses for the pricesses, but dont want to meet them today.

Shopping will be a good idea as it is not that warm at the Malls. First we go to the Mall of Millenia where we haven’t been before. Great place with a lot of  Desingershops, but that’s not our price range.

20150512-DSC_2477 20150512-DSC_2479 20150512-DSC_2483Made a stop at Michaels and went to the Florida Mall. Get some shoes there and Siggi a cover for this cellphone. We had a burger at the Five Guys and went to CVS to get some pain relief for the Siggis backache.

2484 2486This afternoon we will be at Downtown Disney, uups, Disney Spring. We went there by car and got a place at the parking lot without any problem.

We wanted to do Characters in Flight for the first time, but as there was thunderstorms are in the region.

Walked around and had a look at the new Boathouse Restaurant.

Went to the World of Disney Store and got a Sorcerer Figure and a blanket (for the cruise)

20150512-IMG_8040 20150512-IMG_8043 20150512-IMG_8046 20150512-IMG_8047 20150512-IMG_8052 20150512-IMG_8055Now it is time to have dinner at Raglan Road. We were seated at a nice table by the fireplace. Food was great and the athmophere is autentic as in an irish pub.

013358_LLS 2488 012737 014308_LLS 015107_LLS 021428 021448 2496
13. May 2015
As every day, getting coffee, breakfast at the and get ready for the day.

First stop is Downtown Disney and we mad it on Character in Flight. It is really great and we made a lot of pics.

Shopping time again and I get a D&B satchel and we find Lambie for Siggi’s sister.

20150513-IMG_8064 20150513-IMG_8059 20150513-IMG_8069 20150513-IMG_8070 20150513-IMG_8079 20150513-IMG_8081 20150513-IMG_8088 20150513-IMG_8093 20150513-IMG_8094 20150513-IMG_8096 20150513-20150513_161104 20150513-20150513_161129 20150513-IMG_8073 20150513-IMG_808120150513-IMG_8067When we had icecream at Ghiradellis we get a mesage from DLC that the itery of our upcoming cruise has chaced due to many icebergs around St. Johns. Our friend are upsate about this and cancelled the cruise. 20150513-IMG_8112 175245
WE went to the Boardwalk at 4am as we want to go to EPCOT and have dinner at the Trattoria al Forno at 7pm. We go the EPCOT by boat and did Spaceship Earth and Soarin. Back to the Baordwalk we met Torsten and Claudia in front of the restaurant. The Trattoria al Forno opened last December. It was a great evening with great food in a great restaurant. We drove our friends back to the OKW and then we went back to our hotel.



20150513-20150513_224035 20150513-20150513_222242_Richtone(HDR) 20150513-20150513_222228_Richtone(HDR) 20150513-20150513_222035_Richtone(HDR) 20150513-IMG_8135 20150513-IMG_8134 20150513-IMG_8133 20150513-IMG_81312532 013831_Richtone(HDR) 2533 015053 022530 032206_Richtone(HDR) 032248 032323

14. May 2015
Wake up at 8am.

20150514-20150514_161843Went to the Magic Kingdom by the ferry, along the new DVC Villas at the Polynesian.20150514-IMG_8137 20150514-IMG_8141 As always we have to hurry up the be on time for our first fastpass at Haunted Mansion 10:40am. After we visited the 999 ghost we went to meet Arielle and had BBQ Slaw Dogs (my favourite) at Caseys Corner. It is hot and we walk from shadow to shadow and from shop to shop.20150514-IMG_8160 20150514-DSC_2537 20150514-20150514_170213 20150514-IMG_8175 20150514-IMG_8170 20150514-IMG_8177 20150514-IMG_8178 2540Need a Funnelcake at Sleepy Hollow and went then to see Jack Sparrow.


20150514-IMG_8179 20150514-IMG_8180We went with the Monorail to the  Ticket and Transportation Center and then with the train to our car. Going to the Walmart to get us some drinks for the cruise.

Now its time to pack.

Die Alkopops sind schon mal verstaut

At 7pm we went to the Contemporary to meet Nobbi and Jack to have dinner at the California Grill together. We got a table in a little separated room at the back site of the restaurant. From our place we could see Illuminations. We did not like to order a maincourse but we got six appertizers and sushi. 2544 022726Wishes starts when we finished our meal and we saw it outsite. There we met Lizbeth and Paul from the Netherland. They will be with us on the cruise as well. It was a great evening and a worthy end of our days at Walt Disney World.

20150514-IMG_8193 20150514-IMG_8194 20150515-20150515_042711_LLS 20150515-20150515_043142We are back at the hotel at half past eleven.

15. May 2015
Today we board at the Disney MAgic, but first I have to finish packing.

Heute geht es aufs Schiff, aber erst müssen noch die Koffer gepackt werden. Amazigle everything fits in our suitcases. The guys come to have breakfast together and say goodbye. At 11am we are ready to drive to the port.

It is heavily raining for the first tim on the way to Port Canaveral.

We reach the port at 12:30pm and we drop of the suitcases. Siggis stays at the port with the carry ons while I take the rental car back to the station.

Some pictures of the All Star Music Resort, were we loved to stay the last 8 nights

20150513-DSC_2497 20150513-DSC_2498 20150513-DSC_2503 20150513-DSC_2504 20150513-DSC_2505 20150513-DSC_2507 20150513-DSC_2509 20150513-DSC_2511 20150513-DSC_2512 20150513-DSC_2513 20150513-DSC_2517 20150513-DSC_2520 20150513-DSC_2521 20150513-DSC_2524 20150513-DSC_2526 20150513-DSC_2527 20150513-DSC_2530 DSC_2518

What we shopped 🙂

Tasche und Decke

2015er Sorcerer

Figur und Bilderhalter


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